Stage 1 - University of Science and Technology

First stage of Krakow City Race will be held in the University of Science and Technology (AGH) building - this is the very first race of this type in Krakow. Map contains numerous corridors, stairs and cul-de-sacs. The crucial part of navigation will be choosing the right routechoice between floors. Let’s be alert at all times!

Stage 2 - Wieliczka

The second stage will be held in the Wieliczka city center. This is a mix of urban and park terrain. We will experience both parts of the city that are rather close and with thin passages as well as open, park-type with greenery and buildings scattered around. Terrain is characterised by minor climbs. It seems like a real night fun!

Stage 3 - Nowa Huta

The terrain for third stage is characterized by the buildings typical for Nowa Huta. There are long buildings with passages, yards and two parks. The whole area covers 12 different districts, which are different from each other due to type of buildings. You will experience long routechoices as well as orienteering riddles. The finish line will be located next to Alley of Roses (Aleja Róż) nearby the Alley of Friendship (Aleja Przyjaźni)!

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