Kraków City Race - Kraków - 20-21th October 2018


Kraków City Race 2018 is now history.
We present official results of all stages and final results. You can find them here

We present all necessary information about coming competition:
technical information (Polish) - here
start lists - by club, by class

Registration till the end of the week!

We would like to remind you about the end of online registration. Registration form is available till the of the week (14.10.2018)! We are not waiting for latecomers!

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Nowa Huta Cultural Center

We are pleased to announce that Nowa Huta Cultural Center has just joined us a partner of Krakow City Race. This is the place where the Grand Final competition center will be located. See you on Sunday in Nowa Huta and the day before in AGH and Wieliczka!

Krakow City Race is yet another sport event being held thanks to the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Voivodship. The office supports financially the tasks related to promoting physical culture and organisation of sport events in Voivodship, Poland and those with international range that promotes physical culture in Malopolska. All maps are almost ready, we are waiting for the final countdown!

3 days left to the first due date!
Those who want to join City Race Final: please be reminded that we are getting closer to I due date. Race inside the building, night sprint and urban long run are waiting for you! A great dose of sprint running!

Start list was updated and includes start times for OPEN classes: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master. We also published list of competitiors who will run with GPS device: here.

We present Final Details about Kraków City Race. You can find it here.

Kraków City Race start list is available here.

In 'Information' -> 'Competition description' tab we published courses’ parameters for both stages.

We want to inform that entries for Kraków City Race will be accepted until midnight 4th October (Sunday).

In 'Information' -> 'Competition description' tab we published information about paying by wire transfer. In 'Information' -> 'Gallery' tab we added some pictures from competition area. Enjoy!

In 'Information' -> 'Competition description' tab we published all important information about Kraków City Race. The most interesting news is area of Stage 1 - the heart of Nowa Huta. Please read all new information.

Entry system for Kraków City Race is available now. You can find it in 'Entries' tab. This week we will publish some important information about Kraków City Race. Please follow our website.

Welcome to the official website of Kraków City Race. We still have 10 months left to the competition, but let's get started. Please follow news in "Information" tab.

University of Science and Technology

First stage of Krakow City Race will be held in the University of Science and Technology (AGH) building - this is the very first race of this type in Krakow. Map contains numerous corridors, stairs and cul-de-sacs. The crucial part of navigation will be choosing the right routechoice between floors. Let’s be alert at all times!



The second stage will be held in the Wieliczka city center. This is a mix of urban and park terrain. We will experience both parts of the city that are rather close and with thin passages as well as open, park-type with greenery and buildings scattered around. Terrain is characterised by minor climbs. It seems like a real night fun!

Nowa Huta


The terrain for third stage is characterized by the buildings typical for Nowa Huta. There are long buildings with passages, yards and two parks. The whole area covers 12 different districts, which are different from each other due to type of buildings. You will experience long routechoices as well as orienteering riddles. The finish line will be located next to Alley of Roses (Aleja Róż) nearby the Alley of Friendship (Aleja Przyjaźni)!

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